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Voting in today's American society is not amongst the top priorities for young people. According to Mark Sommer, author of "Shunning The Polls/ Young Voters" implies that young people either don't have enough time for politics or they simply are not educated enough about politics that they really can't grasp a strong position enough to make them want to vote to make a difference. Sommer explains how some of America's youth has taken a stand in politics and are encouraging others to be more associated with politics and voting.

Sommer claims that the four major reasons why today's youth doesn't vote are apathy, self-absorption, inertia, and alienation. Sommer writes that young voters see no importance in voting because they do no understand the terminology used by the politicians which causes the youth to have less attraction to voting. Sommer suggests that even though politicians are trying to gain to interest of young voters with major social attractions such as MTV, it still doesn't grasp the amount of attention to drive the younger generation of Americans to vote.

Sommer concludes from research that many young voters feel as though their vote doesn't count for anything, and even if they do vote, results will be the same, and they have no significant effect on the outcomes. Sommer explains that many of the young people feel that politicians don't speak out to them enough, and they don't have ideas/suggestions of reform that would benefit them directly.

Although many of the youth is sheltered from today's politics, there are some young people that play an active role is elections. Sommer suggests that unless the youth has been educated in politics they won't have a large interest in them. Those who have been educated in politics understand that many of their peers are...