The Worn Path Identity Analysis

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The Worn Path

Eudora Welty

Simply dressed in an apron made of bleached sugar sacks, Phoenix Jackson leaves home for an excursion, over mountains, through fields, and across the creek, all to get he sick grandchild medicine. The journey is not easy as she walks with a cane to shake bushes to scare out animals, gets caught up in thorns, and falls into a creek when a young hunter has to come and help her up. We find out that Phoenix goes through all of this trouble every time that her grandson runs out of medicine.

Phoenix's identity is pure because she goes through so much trouble just to help another person. She dedicated her life to her grandson and spends her time taking care of him. Even if that means walking into town all of the time. She is a very caring old lady and people seem to respect her.

In town, the pharmacist knew who she was and they gave her the prescription for free. They also gave her five pennies. Phoenix uses these pennies to go buy her grandson a paper windmill.

For some reason, everyone that runs into Phoenix refers to her as Grandma. The Redneck boy, lady who ties Phoenix's shoe, and both pharmacists call her grandma or granny. Is it just because she is old? I guess that is part of her anterior identity. The wrinkles and squinty eyes make them think that she is a grandmother anyway. If they were to see a small child on a bike would they call him boy? Others view identities from the outside until they know the person. They call Phoenix grandma and thought that Richard Cory was just a happy rich man. There is a story to every person.