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magazines.Women's Weekly Magazines- A summary

After researching the women's weekly industry I have found that most readers are aged between 25-45 years old

These women tend to be working women, housewives, or mothers and are on Low to Mid range annual salaries.

I have also looked at the past and present market and market trends, I believe that although the women's weekly magazine net profit was down in 2003, that by 2005 it will rise steadily.

'There has been a trend by key consumer magazines owned by publishing companies, to bring out new magazines almost every other month.

In general magazines are also shorter than they were 5 years ago, and if a magazine is not having the desired effect it will quickly be taken off the shelves. ' (Lifestyle and Specialist Magazines Market Assesment, Key Note Publications Ltd January 2003).

In the report it states that's various companies advertise with women's weekly magazines, and in the conclusion section, it states that there are many companies and brands that will find these publications usefull for advertising.

They are also more cost effective than the Glossy Magazines such as Conde Nasts Vogue, or Country Living.

It is on average 35-40% less to take out a full page advert in a woman's weekly magazine.

Low-Mid range Beauty Products, Public Information Messages, Political Parties, Supermarkets are among those who should and do advertise well in Women's Weekly


Women's Weekly...