Woman's participation in competitive physical activity

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'Woman's participation in competitive physical activity is on the decline. This is because females, in general, dropout of physical activity during their teenage years"

Statistics say that the above statement is true, in about year 9, boys and girls had equal numbers of participation levels in personal education, but as sport becomes optional females are dropping out.

The reason for the large dropout rate, in competitive sports is the social structure is substantially different between both sexes. Right from early childhood where females are given a Barbie to play with and boys are given trucks. Down to early teenagers where females are promoted and encouraged to do dance and young teens are encouraged to play footy and soccer. How they are socialized differently from very early in life.

Males and females are largely influenced or persuaded by the media. The media can control what is shown to the public, and you will find that male - orientated sport is heavily broadcast compared to coverage of female competitive sport.

Women participate in things like aerobics, not fix the competitive outcome, but more for fitness so that they can look good to their husbands.

The Olympic Games 2000 there was the same number of males to female events ratio however the more interesting thing is that only 38% of the athletes competing were female. This shows us that the opportunities for competitive sport are equal but woman just aren't participating in sport on a competitive level, or more to the point dropping out at a teen-age.

In our society, today, young females will play sport until they reach puberty which is much younger than males they start to drop out, they can get criticized and called things like 'Butch' because at that age can be bigger than the boys.