WinXP -- Extremely Painful

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Windows XP ¾ Extremely Painful

I hate WinXp! It is the worst DOS ever made, I cannot understand why people would use such a poorly made product. Take a look around inside any computer store, it is not difficult to notice that almost all the computers have WinXp as their DOS (Desktop Operating System). It is true that the entire DOS market is under the monopoly of WinXp

From Win 95 to 98, 2000, Microsoft seemed to be on a Jihad to make its software worse, and finally, the XP was born. I was very disappointed with the XP, which was too far from what I have expected. Microsoft has always been bragging about XP's User Friendliness and security system. Yes, the User Interface sure is beautiful, but that is all it's got. A DOS needs not only to give the user a good-looking screen but also the protection against computer virus and spam.

Microsoft though of that beforehand, they promise that with the protection from XP's unique built-in personal firewall, my computer will be flawless against virus attack. Well, let's take a look at how "well" this so-called firewall has protected my computer against the harms. At the beginning, strongly believed in the power of this firewall, I though there was no need for any other firewalls whatsoever. Oh, was I ever wrong, my computer was completely down not long after I logged on to the Internet. The computer was so badly damaged that there was no other way to recover except re-installing the entire system, and the system was down so quickly that I had no chance to back-up my files, so I lost everything I stored in the computer. Moreover, it took a whole day to finish re-installing the system. How frustrating! I thought everything...