Why bilingual education is so important for high schools What are some advantages of having ESL classes for foreign students? How does it benefit them?

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Why bilingual education is so important for high schools? This question is easy to answer and prove with facts. Indeed, America is a country of immigrants from all over the world, who come with their own culture, traditions and language. Moreover, some immigrants come from the countries with good educational standards and some have poor educational levels. However, the number one problem, which is faced by foreign students, is the problem of English language. For example, a student can be brilliant in biology, but he/she will perform unsatisfactorily because of the difficulties with English. Therefore, an alternative program has been implemented for such students, and this program is called bilingual education.

Bilingual education is implemented in all high schools in Brooklyn. This is understandable, because Brooklyn has various numbers of immigrant students from many countries. For example, there are many students of Chinese, Russian and Spanish origin. A good example of such a high school is Abraham Lincoln High School. It is located next to Brighton Beach Avenue and has a bilingual program for Russian students. There are biology and history classes available in Russian language with Russian teachers. These teachers are well trained to deliver to Russian students absolutely the same material as American students learn in their regular classes. Thus, Russian students don't lose an important educational time. Also this system helps Russian students to learn English step by step not rushing it, which is much more useful.

Bilingual education however, does have its enemies. People argue that if students don't take classes in English then they will never learn it. However, this argument fails because students do learn English in their effective ESL classes. Another popular argument is that bilingual classes require more money for books and teachers. This argument also fails, because schools...