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Plants are living things that have fundamental inputs and outputs-the absorption of necessary chemicals and the release of wastes. Plants have a special relationship between their needs and ecosystem in which they live. There are seven basic requirements that plants need in order to grow properly: temperature, light, water, air, nutrients, time, and room to grow. Plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors for food, shelter, clothing, medicine, energy, and pleasure. We should know these things when bringing plants into your home, such as how much to water the plant, to how much light it should get. If we can't correct to grow your plant, the plant will be died very soon. So the effect of environmental condition is a very important part on the growth of a plant. I made an experiment with a small size of investigate the effect of water on the growth of a plant.

I want to explain the importance of water in plants and how they grow; I also want to explain the plants can make virtually everything they need from water and air with a few nutrients that the roots absorb from the soil, I hope those people who are going to grow a plant get some inspirations from this article.


Water is important in the plant's ability to make and move nutrients. Without water or with too much water, a plant dies. For this reason, watering is an important part of plant care. More house plants are killed from improper watering than from any other single cause. When plants are over watered, the soil remains saturated and root systems are unable to function properly because of lack of oxygen in the soil. Soil-borne bacteria and fungi invade the roots and eventually destroy the entire root system. The plant may...