Virtual Colonoscopy

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Virtual Colonoscopy

This article talks about a new way to check for colon cancer. The new invention is Virtual Colonoscopy. Yet compared to old standards of checking for Colon Cancer, it has not been as accurate. In a study that was performed the virtual colonoscopy detected 55% of patients. The traditional version is 100% accurate. This procedure was done on tumors 10 millimeters in diameter. Another test preformed was on tumors that were smaller then 6 millimeters. The results of the virtual colonoscopy were way off. Only 36 percent were detected. From the study eight patients had a cancer, yet the virtual colonoscopy failed to detect two of the patients. As you can see there is a high risk of not being fully detected with the virtual colonoscopy.

In favor of the virtual colonoscopy, one author proclaims that the data from the hospital was misleading, and was not used in real life.

(2). A research team led by Dr. Peter claims that, ?While the technique might be effective? in the hands of experts, it has yet to be proven that this expertise can be taught, and disseminated reliably into daily practice? (2). Although with negative results, with time and better technology, the virtual colonoscopy will prove to be a better technique then the traditional methods.

This article relates to my biology class during the discussion of the Digestive system. In chapter 37 we learned about how food gets digested, and the importance your intestines have on absorbing the mineral ions, and the water that is needed for the body. This article teaches a more technological and less painful way of making sure you do not have cancer in the colon. It shows how with technology and coming of the years those situations such as colon cancer can be...