The Variations of Cinderella Stories

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Great children's literary work, especially fairy tales, can be found in many different styles and forms. Only a few people realize that these tales have been passed on year after year, century after century. The tales change and form similar but new ones as the year passes by. Each century opens a new door to interpretation, style, presentation, appearance, and meaning. The story of a young cinder girl, name Cinderella, has been a classic fairy tale for several centuries. It is a tale that can be compared and contrasted to other works based on the tale. Through research, analysis and common knowledge, it is possible to find similarities and differences between the different publications of Cinderella. From the 18th century to the 20th century, different varieties of Cinderella stories can be compared and contrasted to each other through illustration, presentation, appearance, meaning and style.

The first story that appears in the primer is Cinderella, or as the primer has published Cinderilla or the Little Glass Slipper which spelled "Cinderella" differently.

The story's appearance and presentation doesn't have and illustrations or extraordinary fonts. Instead the presentation is of a reflective and educating nature. It is a rather a prolonged story for children, but the content of the story is very descriptive and thorough of the events that take place. Because the presentation and the appearance of the story are of an educated nature, the detailed descriptions of the actions give the Cinderella story a special meaning. The significant meaning of the story is that good things happen to those who wait and believe in miracles. Even though the meaning appears to be out there, it is still realistic and teaches a lesson that is often taught to children when in school. Besides the meaning of the story, the events that take...