How To Use Story-telling In The Classroom

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I. Introduction

In English teaching, story-telling plays as an important role. Stories can provide rich materials of language teaching, and stimulate children's study motives. They also help children to understand their world and share the attainments with others. Children always look forward to hear more marvelous plots from the teacher and are always curious with stories. When children concentrate their attention to listen to stories, it will be the best encouragement and feedback for story teachers.

II. Strength of story-telling

1. Establish good listening and speaking ablity

For getting good listening ability, children need to practice constantly. We should encourage children to understand by themselves when they listen to stories. It is helpful if they have active attitude.

2. Be familiar with English

When listening to stories, children would be familiar with the pronunciation, intonation and usage of English. They would contact with vocabularies, phrases and grammar structure then could speak English better.

3. Arouse speaking and writing output

After finishing the story, teacher may bring up some related questions, ask children to write down their feelings, and encourage children to express their opinions. Teacher could also stimulate higher-degree children to say the story, even arrange the story. In the study process, the class could be divided into groups then they would learn how to cooperate and communicate with others. It would be meaningful on language learning.

III. How to use story-telling well

1. Choose appropriate stories

The story should suit to children's degree and be able to attract children's interests and attention. There should be correct values in the story and children would get the enlightenment If it is easy to extend related activities like painting, writing a letter, or performing about the story. That would be nice.

2. Preparation before story-telling

Children need to have the groundwork...