Urine-Luck! America answer to its growing drug problem

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When you look at drug testing today it seems as if it is just as much a prerequisite to get a job as a degree or even just filling out the application itself. Most just submit without regard (or knowledge) to the fact that it's a clear violation of their Fourth Amendment Right (banning unreasonable search and seizures). Who really wants to challenge the person responsible for hiring them about a drug test? Very few people just apply for a job for the enjoyment of it; it is usually because they need the pay for basic survival. Consequently, very few job seekers 'tip the boat' and just do what is requested of them.

In this new millennium, drug-testing companies are not only reaching the peaks of corporate America, they are also scooping down into the playgrounds of our children. Students are being subjected to drug testing in order to participate in sports.


Drug testing is exploding into a billion dollar industry and what makes it crazy is that its' results are not even guaranteed. Studies show that the test results are generally inaccurate, yet have advantages. It does deter some from using illegal drugs, but for the most part it is unproven in stopping drug use altogether. Marijuana is the most popular drug that positive test results detect, primarily because of its availability and length of time it stays in human body (depending on individual metabolism). (Nadelmann) Although smoking 'weed' is a far reach from the 'XTC' and heroine user, the habitual marijuana smoker has more of a chance in losing his/her job than the 'crack-head' just because of the length of time it stays in the system. Some performance enhancing drugs are still undetectable by drug tests. (Detection time for Cocaine is 2-4 days, Marijuana (Tetra Hydra...