The Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong

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"Ladies and gentlemen", we will shortly be landing at Hong Kong International Airport. For your safety, you are advised to remain seated and to fasten your seat belts ". The captain's voice rang through the audio system amidst the droning of the plane. Within a few minutes I began to feel the plane losing thrust and altitude. " Soon," I said to myself, " I will for the first time look at the magnificent Tsing Ma Bridge from the sky.

Well, I was not disappointed as the plane glided slowly over and past the bridge, landing shortly at Hong Kong International Airport west of the bridge. The sight of the bridge is more spectacular whilst less awesome watching it from above than on the ground. All this happened when I was on my way back from Japan after a short excursion trip with my family.

The bridge was built as part of the overall project to relocate the old Kaitak International Airport (previously located in the peninsula of Kowloon, north of the Hong Kong Island) to the larger island of Lantau which is to the west of Hong Kong Island. Since its completion in 1997, the bridge has become the cynosure of Hong Kong replacing the Peak that is still serviced by the 80 year-old peak tram.

The 2,160 metres long Tsing Ma Bridge, a prestigious landmark of Hong Kong, is the most outstanding element of the Lantau Link providing a direct access to the Hong Kong International Airport. It is the world's largest bridge span carrying both road/rail traffic, and is designed to carry dual three lane expressway on the upper deck and two railway tracks on the lower deck. In addition, there are two sheltered, single lane carriageways on the lower deck for maintenance access...