Title: Great Expections Author:Charles Dickens

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Great Expections(Charles Dickens)


Philip Pirrip was an orphan who lived with her sister and her husband. At the beginning, an escaped prisoner forced Pip to help him. He soon arrested and took all the responses to protect Pip.

One day, Pip's uncle Pumblechook brought him to play in the wealthy widow Miss Havisham's house, Satis House. She was very strange. She wore an old wedding clothe and one shoe. Every clock in Satis House was stopped at the same time. She jilted by a man at that moment and determined to revenge. She adopted Estella to be her weapon to revenge man. She made Pip loved Estella and broke his heart. She encouraged Estella to torment him. However, he did not realize at all. Pip tried to reach her level. He learned to read and behaved as a gentleman. Another head, he began to apart from his family because he was ashamed that Joe was a 'Common'.

One day, a layer appeared and told Pip fantastic news. A secret benefactor gave Pip a large fortune. He went to London and learned to be a gentleman. He presumed that Miss Havisham was the benefactor.

One night, the prisoner, Magwitch visited Pip. He announced that he was the secret benefactor. He was moved by Pip's kindness and decided to make Pip be a gentleman.

Pip was amused. He helped Magwitch to escape London. However, he arrested by the police. During the escape, another man, Compeyson was drown in the fight with Magwitch. He was the man who jilted Miss Havisham.

Many years later, Pip met Estella in the Saint House. He believed they would never depart again.


Pip was the protagonist and story teller. He leaded you to discover his life and reviewed the past. He always...