"I think, Therefore I Am"

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"I think, Therefore I Am"

An age of technology has come, one of genetic engineering and the creation of androids-human replicants. These "humans" or "replicants" are engineered with thought but not emotions. We use them as slaves for mining in our off world colonies. We do not have them living on Earth as they are created so physically perfect that they supersede us which is reviewed as potentially disastrous. Disaster happens. Replicants develop emotions. Our fears are more than realised. Are we to be overthrown, destroyed, or worse, made into slaves ourselves? No! We will destroy these replicants. As they go into hiding we will hunt them down.

Here is another scenario; a perfect society, one in which there is no pain or war, no confusion or unhappiness, no hunger or drought; a society with social stability and unity for everyone. So what's the catch I hear you say? Only this, you are genetically engineered, chemically controlled and psychologically conditioned.

You have no right to freedom of thought and speech. You are conditioned what to think from birth through hypnopaedia. Literature is not allowed, as it provokes thought and could undermine all that is taught and unquestionably believed. Everybody has their place and is conditioned to not only be content with it, but enjoy it. "Happiness" is felt through sensations. In this society freedom is lost. If you are conditioned to be the person you are, are you still yourself?

Good morning. Thankyou for inviting me to speak today, on behalf of my generation. My name is Jessica Albury; I am seventeen and am in year 12 from Berkley High School in Darwin. I have been asked to speak today, to you; the Commission of the Future, on the topic "In the Wild", referring to humanity's relationship with nature. This...