Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt

He was born on October 27, 1858, in New York, New York. His family was Dutch but they moved to New York in the seventeenth century. When he was only eighteen he joined Harvard College. He was a very good student and also a good athlete there for four years. In 1880, he graduated and also got married to, Alice H. Lee of Massachusetts. Then he moved on to Germany to study politics for a year. In 1882, he was elected for something official for the first time when he was elected for the Assembly of New York State. He stayed there for three years. Soon after, in 1884, first his mother, then his wife both died on the same day only hours apart.

As a result of these happenings, Roosevelt then decided to go to Wyoming and buy a cattle ranch with the money he gained from his father.

While he was there he became an avid hunter. After about 2 years of the outdoor life he decided to go back to his political life when he married Edith Kermit Carow of London. He then ran for mayor of New York City but sadly finished last out of the three candidates. He then wrote a couple of biographies, one on Thomas Hart Benton, and the other on Gouverneur Morris. He also published Winning of the West, which included four volumes when complete. Then in 1889, President Benjamin Harrison named him a civil-service commissioner. In being the civil-service commissioner, Roosevelt had to hire people in different departments of the government. Now, this was a very big accomplishment for him. This was a new beginning of his political career.

About two years later, while William McKinley was President, he became the assistant...