Theme: Death Author: David Metzenthen book: Boys of blood and bone

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The theme that I have chosen is death. I chose this theme because death plays a part in Andy's life and it plays a part in Henry's life. It affects us all in our lives because people die all the time and people go through hard a time when people die and that's what happens in the book. I will be explaining how death is used in the book from the First World War and during the present day.

Henry/ Present day:

Henry in the book thinks about death when he thought of the First World War. When he read Andy's diary he had hoped to see stories about people fighting and people dying but when he does he finds out that the fights aren't in detail and the deaths aren't in detail either so that made Henry disappointed. (A passage from the text pg. 37 He was keen t find reference to the fighting - but when he did the entries were simply and disappointingly written without detail.)

Henry imagines being in the war trying to pick up a man who has died and imagined what it would be like to hold the man who has died and then dig a hole and bury them in the hole. (A passage from the text pg. 38 Henry tried to imagine what it would be like to pick up someone who was dead; maybe take an arm, a still-warm wrist, and help carry the person to a rough hole and lower them in. They'd be heavy. There would be blood and wounds. You'd shovel the dirt in carefully. At the start. He could imagine. And then they'd be gone.)

And later on in the story Henry actually would experience how it felt when someone he knew had died and the...