Thatrical Review of Windswept Blossoms

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Wasted Blossoms

Every morning when I drove to work I seen a blossom tree that reminded me of the play "Whispering Blossoms" by Yang Chiang and could not wait to see it performed at the Carlson Center at Johnson County Community College. I knew nothing about the play and I had never heard anything about the play, but I had worked on the set and assisted with the costumes, so I was a bit eager about the final production of the play.

When I arrived at the Carlson Center and noticed how the set had finally come together, I was a very excited about how the final production would go. The set was constructed to draw me into the Northern rural China stage. The music relaxed my senses as I settled down to enrich myself with a wonderful play.

Once the play began I noticed that from where I was sitting that it was very hard to understand a lot of the actors.

Their voices at times were not very audible and I was very confused from the first seen. I felt like bits and pieces were left out to keep me wondering about the scenes. When the actors were in different parts of the stage their backs were to the majority of the audience which made it very hard to understand what was going on.

The stage was not set in a fashion that the whole auditorium could see or hear everything that was going on at all times. I was an usher at the time that I seen the play and a lot of the times while sitting near the door the actors were in a corner of the set that was blocked off from my view and I had to assume what was going on at...