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An Event Not Remembered

Fuddy Meers was a play based on a woman with a special case of amnesia. She wakes up every morning with no recollection of anything whatsoever. The title to the play and the actual play itself I could not make a correlation with the two; but, the speech of one of the main characters who had suffered a stroke could be the relation. The manner in which she spoke defiantly served as much needed comic relieve in several intense situations. There were a lot of outrageous and pleasantly inappropriate circumstances throughout the play. For example, when the son and father smoke marijuana in the car together, and when the lady police officer unbuttons her shirt to reveal a red lace chemise were very surprising and somewhat a shock . The play always kept the audience guessing and never left a dull moment throughout the play.

The timing of the production of this play may have been more in like to the release of the movie '50 First Dates', since the plot was very similar to this production.

The meager set was perfect for this production; every single prop was used appropriately and nothing seemed out of place or lacking. The kitchenware was authentic for the time frame, with the appearance of items that someone's grandmother would have used brand new. If it weren't for the old television and the beat up table and chairs, one would not have been able to guess the time setting. The 'I Love Lucy Show' that played when the television was turned on was a perfect extra. All costumes were well suited, except the boy. I thought that the costuming for the fifties with such tight jeans were not flattering and something more could have been used for his costume...