Television Destroys Communication

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Television is a video broadcasting system. Although television is useful, some people believe that it destroys communication among friends and family.

It's a fact that television, like clowns, can entertain us. It can make us laugh, cry, or scared. You laugh when you watch a comedy. You cry when you watch a tragedy. You are scared when you watch a horror. This causes us to stay at home caring about nobody. While you are watching your favorite movie, your parents or friends call you. You're supposed to answer the call, but what happens is that you don't answer it. You're engrossed in the movie and don't hear the phone ringing or anybody calling.

Besides, television, just like our friends, can also tell us news. The news on television is much more comprehensive since the sources are from the entire world. For example, if I want to know news about America, I needn't have to ask my friends who live in America. What I need to do is to turn on my 'chatter box' and watch the news. Consequently, I will gradually lose direct contact with my friends.

In the knowledge sector, the library, parents friends, and certainly television, for instance: the discovery channel, provide us knowledge. I do not need to visit the school library all the time. I can also learn something from historical and scientific movies and documentaries. This is good but if I come to the extent of preferring television to my parents, teachers and friends for advice or knowledge, I may lose interactions with the outer world which in turn Harming the quality of interpersonal communication.

Television can entertain us, give us information and provide us knowledge. However, the usefulness may destroy communication among friends and family if we rely too...