Technology iin the medieval home

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Houses during the middle ages did not have any technology. It would be very hot in summer and very cold in winter as they did not have any means of cooling or heating. It was usually very dark inside the houses. At night the only form of light was from candles which were lit up in the rooms. The poor who could not afford candles did not have light at night. The houses would have had none of the things we accept as normal today - no running water, no toilets, no baths and washing basins. Soap was unheard of and as was shampoo. People would have been covered with dirt, fleas and lice. Beds were simply straw stuffed mattresses and these would have attracted lice, fleas and all types of bugs. Your toilet would have been a bucket which would have been emptied into the nearest river at the start of the day.

Your kitchen was simply a pantry which held your food and a cooking pit ringed with stones called a hearth, and perhaps an overhead beam or swinging bar to hang pots or a cauldron from. As you can see they were not very advanced in technology around the home.