Technology Helped Students

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Nowadays, many scientists use technology to design their inventions. They invent useful appliances or tools such as rice cookers, computers, cars, planes, trains and the internet to help human in their work. The Internet Technology, especially, not only helps workers but also students.

Nowadays, almost all schools have A website for students to browse for information about schools, science, history, sports, and much more. They needn't go to the library to look up information. They needn't read the newspapers. They just need to browse on the internet for almost everything. We don't need to go to America to learn more about it. Everything is just a mouse click away. The existence of the internet has saved their time. Thus, they can learn more than usual.

The information resources in the internet is limitless. If we want to look up and learn something about 'soccer', for instance, there are hundreds or even thousands of websites in the whole world dedicated on the subject.

We can see here how much we can dig out. The scope is very broad and the amount of information we can obtain is huge. The sky is the only limit.

The internet provides us information, knowledge and solutions to our problems. Nevertheless, the use of the Internet could harm us if we rely on it too much.