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1. Define the factors that impact the success of a work team:

Many factors go into the definition of our work team. In our team the members have been working together for two years so there is a bond within the team. This factor enables the team to work efficiently while having good range of diverse views. Also within the team are individuals who have been given recognition for their outstanding work. This helps the team a lot because it shows that the team is not only a strong union but also very dedicated to their work. The team is also very diverse composing of men and women as well as people of different ethnicity. The team is also composed of different religious groups. The different religious groups can cause problem sometimes because if something was to go wrong with a conversation it would ruin relationships but since the team members have been mostly been working together for quite awhile it won't affect the success of the work team.

Within the team there is a wide spectrum of skills; each member is highly trained in his or her field and is eager to learn from one another. In order to perform effectively, the abilities of our members are crucial. Because of the fact that role of each member is understood, everyone has to contribute in order for a project to go on. Anything missing will be traced back to each and individual member. Having being together for two years, team chemistry is solid. Members of the teams are able to complement each other and cover up for another's strengths and weaknesses. The time together has also bought together everyone and helped establish a strong relationship bond. Everyone enjoys working together and being in each other's presence. There are three...