The Tang Dynasty

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Throughout the semester our class has studied various different civilizations. Each unique civilization had an impact on future generations and the quality of life that followed. The Han dynasty laid the groundwork for all of Asia. After many years of chaos, the Tang dynasty is the one time period that stands out. Arriving after the Sui dynasty, the Tang prides itself as having a legacy of progress and innovation that reached far beyond the borders of East Asia. The legacy that the Tang exhibited would make me proud to be a part of their civilization.

The Tang dynasty exhibited what any great civilization should. Stability, control and expansion allowed the Tang to flourish. Lasting from 618-907 the Tang dynasty established itself under the direction of Li Yuan. It was later that the dynasty really took off. Under the reign of Tang Taizong, the Tang dynasty literally put Ancient China on the map.

With the construction of the "silk road" the Tang dynasty enabled trade from East Asia to the Mediterranean. This enabled gold, glass and ivory to move into Asia. In addition silk, porcelain, jade and bronze moved towards Rome. This appears to be the first known organized route for trade in history.

The expansion was not limited to trade. Through the leadership Li Yuan provided, the Tang dynasty with the military prowess to take over a majority of Asia. The dynasty took control and passed on its rich culture form the Himalayas to the lower part of the Yangtze provinces. Now all of Asia was made aware of Buddhism.

The Tang dynasty was full of culture. Poetry and sculpture were a major part of the lifestyle. This particular aspect of the Tang dynasty appeals to me the most. The spread of Buddhism greatly influenced...