Symbols in Glass Menageria by Tennesse Williams

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In the play, The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, the author makes sure to use a lot of symbols and images to depict different ideas or views. I'm going to talk about the one which I think is the most important and unique one in the play. This is the symbol of the unicorn that looses its horn near the end of the play.

The only glass unicorn that Laura Wingfield owns, resides among the other glass horses. All of them are similar but the unicorn stands out in his own special way. This unicorn, in my thinking, represents Laura and her relationship with the other people or in the unicorn's case, his relationship with the other "horses." Both of them shown to be unique in their own special way.

But as the play progresses, and Laura gets a chance to dance with James O'Connor, she starts to become "normal".

Her uptight-ness is gone. As soon as she started to become comfortable with James and herself, the dancing pair accidentally dropped the unicorn, depriving it of its horn. Now the unicorn was like any other horse. This is a symbol that shows how Laura is beginning to become like everyone else. This meant a lot, because Laura who had been secluded from normal things that people her age would do, finally had the chance to experience that thrill.

Now she probably would be able to go out more, the world wouldn't seem so different and weird to her anymore. The unicorn too would feel the same way.

Time acts as one of the most important factors in the play, The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams. Many changes occur in the characteristics of the characters as time goes by, but the main concept of time is used when Tom...