Survey - About Criminal Psycology, Crime and the way you would react in a given situation

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Hey people, the members in this website are really quite clever so I would like to conduct a survey about criminals, using your minds and thoughts. Just to test public opinion. I'm currently studying criminal phycology at my last year at high school. I want to know what you think about the following questions, and to answer them please. Please just write your comment/opinion below. By the way thanks in advance =D

Question 1-

What do you blame in your opinion for the cause behind violent acts of criminal behaviour. (Note this is excluding corprate crooks, rather crooks who commit voilent aggressive attacks on the public)

a.) Do you blame their context, meaning thier background their history, everything that has happened to them since they could think?

b.) Do you blame a chemical inbalance in thier head, e.g. Every criminal had something wrong in thier head, or just were born maniacs.

Question 2-

If you believe its their context to blame, who do you think would have more of an impact on thier life?

a.) Their Parents

b.) Their Friends

c.) Their Teachers

d.) Their Siblings

Question 3-

What do you think the government should do to counter the problem of crininals?

*Here's A little inside knowledge- Scientists are discovering through genetics that there is something called the criminal gene, scientist are infact thinking this might be possibly and this has lead to many theories about the possibiliy of removing it to create the perfect society. This personally reminded my of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, it appears a move to try and create a perfect society, a Utopia.*

a.) Research more into genetics, and try and genetically modify all babies once they're born.

b.) Research more into genetics however, just find ways to sedate these people and...