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It was a normal day the wind breezing on the east. The sun shining on the west and there I stood nothing to do in the park. I was waiting for my friends to play football but they never came. I started to climb onto the slide and slide down. While I was sliding down something surprised me the clock at the park said 7pm. I was supposed to be home at 7:15. I started to panic. I ran with a burst of speed to my house I stated to run on the sidewalk but didn't run at my full speed because I knew that I needed to pace myself.

As I reached the turning into his house I saw a truck carrying chemicals. One of the chemicals fell of the truck and landed on me. I blacked out I just felt some hot extremely pain. I woke up and the next thing I saw was a white ceiling.

I was lying in the hospital. The doctor came from nowhere and said its about time that you woke up. I replied asking him what happened to me. He didn't say a thing. I felt no difference. My mind was alright. Then the doctor said instead of the chemicals killing you it has given you some super powers which you cannot imagine.

I stood there like shell shock. I was really perplex. I replied saying are you sure about this. The doctor gave me a nod and then I asked him what kind of super powers do I have. Strangely he replied that is for you to find out. I went out of the hospital with my parents still wondering what kind of superpowers does our son have.

Well I demonstrated a few of my powers when we were coming...