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Fantasy Productions is a relatively new company that produces animated films for children. It has been in business for approximately two years when it obtained exclusive rights of RenderMan software from Lucasfilm, Ltd. RenderMan software is a revolutionary product that enhances animated characters into three dimensional, almost lifelike actors. Fantasy Production became an overnight success with its first release of the remake of Willy Wonka. Within a short period of time the organization grew from a two person operation to employing a staff of over two hundred. The partners soon realized that that if they wanted to be successful they needed to develop a strategic plan in order remain competitive. The intent of the planning process at Fantasy Productions is to provide a framework for the mission statement and assist in achieving the organization's vision, while allowing sufficient flexibility to accommodate unforeseen changes in the business environment. Recognizing that to be successful, they must involve all employees (Strategic Planning, pg 2).

In order to accomplish this task, the company scheduled a three-day strategic planning session for all employees. The goal is to develop its mission, vision and values.

The mission statement of the company should resonate with the people working in and for the organization. It must express the organization's purpose that inspires commitment, innovation, and courage. It must also state the organizations business and its values (How to Write a Mission Statement). After much discussion, input and knit picking, the mission of the company was developed:

The mission of Fantasy Productions is to make quality animated films that the entire family can enjoy by recognizing individuals in the organization that are innovative, creative and experts in their fields.

This mission answers the three key questions:

1. The purpose: to produce quality animated films that the entire...