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"The Boy Who Ate More Then He Could Chew"

Once upon a time in the village of Butttercake there lived a very fat boy. This boys name was Ryan. Ryan liked to eat, and eat. No one could stop him he was so spoiled his parents had lost control of him. The town was a great place for him because of all its shops and restaurants. Anyone who walked into the town of Buttercake would be greeted by a tempting smell of food. Any type of food could be found in the town. From apple pies to zanhorrias cake a local specialty. Almost every person was at least ten pounds overweight. One morning Ryan woke up and said "I have a hankering for some bacon."

Bacon was plentiful in the town but Ryan did not like the pigs it came from.

"I want Bacon form the royal farm," thought Ryan to himself.

So Ryan went down stairs to the kitchen where his mom was cooking eggs.

His mom was one of the few skinny people in town because she had seen her husband Billy die of obesity. She was worried that Ryan would die of the same thing also.

"Mom!" he yelled

"Yes dear," replied his mom who was kind of scared. When Ryan yelled at her he usually expected food right away. Ryan was six foot seven while his mom was a meager five feet.

"I want you to get me some bacon from the Royal farm," ordered Ryan

"No one allowed in the Royal Farm except the princess," replied the mom.

This brought a thought into Ryan head all he had to do was get the princess to like him.

"Oh I will get my bacon if it is the last thing I chew."

Ryan headed out...