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It was a nice sunny morning when I stepped into the classroom, there were only 13 people in the class since Vince the school bully beat the rest up. The whole back row was empty, why? Because that was where all the beating began from Vince. Vince was not a kind boy; he was big, tall and smelly. He was many kids worst nightmare.

I looked in search for Vince but he was no where to be found so I thought I might have a change and sit at the back. It was half way through the class; I was having the time of my life sitting at the back by myself and drawing on the table. It was then when I realized Vince wouldn't be arriving at school for that day, but I was wrong. Vince came storming in the classroom without a late pass at sat himself rite next to me.

He said to me "Hello Jamal how's it going", in an evil tone of voice. I sat back in my seat and gulped.

You see I wasn't the kind of guy to step up to Vince, in that case I wasn't the guy to step up to anybody. I was about 190cm tall with a very small build. Everyone these days (2030) around the age of 14 were at least 200cm tall, so I was considered a short one. I went to the gym 2 days a week to develop some sort of muscles so no one would pick on me but that didn't seem like it worked. So I started to go 7 days a week and I still do. I tried hard to build myself up but it didn't work as well as I wanted it to.

I went to school the next...