Somalia's recent internal struggles and how they're trying to resolve them as of April 2004.

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Somalia's Struggle

The world today is composed of over a hundred and ninety-two nations. Unfortunately, a considerable amount of them are plagued with conflict. Whether it is with one another, within themselves, or with both, everything should be done to get them out of their struggles. Somalia is one such nation that has been torn apart and suffered in because of being victim to internal and external problems. All international decrees and laws state Somalia to be a unified nation from its independence, but regrettably this is not so in reality. The basis of Somali conflict are found in its oppression under foreign rule, the rise of ethnic nationalism at its independence, extreme loyalty of Somali citizens to their clans, and Somalia's lack of true and balanced leadership. With the study of Somali history, future leaders and diplomats can better understand how conflicts flooded to the surface. By learning past issues, it is possible to understand how to prevent and protect the citizens from such disasters in the future.

Situated in eastern Africa, Somalia forms what is known to the world as "the Horn of Africa (LOC)." Bordering Somalia are Kenya in the south, Ethiopia in the west, Djibouti in the northwest, the Gulf of Aden in the north, and the Indian Ocean is on the east. Somalia covers an area of about 638,000 square kilometers, making it just a little smaller than Texas. It is mostly a flat country except in the southern and central regions, near Ethiopia, where the land raises to a few hundred meters above sea level. The higher land area is along the northern coast, where mountains rise to about 2,000 meters (CIA). Somalia has a long coastline of about 3,300 kilometers (CIA). This long coastline has been a key factor in its history of...