Soldiers in Iraq: Is it necessary to continue sending soldiers to Iraq?

Essay by radiant July 2004

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As America started the war against Iraq on no solid grounds, in particular after the clearance provided to Iraq by the United Nations weapons inspection team. So Bush administration attacked Iraq for providing relief to the victims of the aggression and cruelty of Iraq's president Saddam Hussein. America, supporter of democracy, was supported by some other members of so called civilized world. As earlier discussed that the disclosed purpose of the attack on Iraq was the provision of relief to Iraqis, even though every one knows that it was not the real purpose, so now it is necessary to continue sending soldiers to Iraq for the poor Iraqis, who are victims of the attacks of the most dangerous weapons by the American and coalition alliance on one hand and the resistance provided by different groups of Iraq to the attackers on the other hand, till the complete peace in the country.

As the attackers are unable in winning the hearts of the Iraqis against Saddam who is still considered as the only Iraqi to rule Iraq by the majority of the citizens of Iraq, which resulted in increase in resistance to the Bush army to settle in Iraq and enjoy the natural resources of the country for their evil and criminal purposes. This resistance is leading towards the deaths of few soldiers of the coalition army which is not acceptable by the relatives of these soldiers since they consider it loss of precious lives without any purpose and they are demanding their respective governments to quit their armies from this war.

Similarly the relatives of the soldiers are demanding the safety of the soldiers which are on the mission to kill poor Iraqis, definitely not a reason for which they joined the army. My point of view is that...