Should we be in Iraq?

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Should We Be In Iraq?

Since the invasion of Iraq in operation Iraqi Freedom on March 19, 2003, 363 American soldiers have lost their lives along with many other soldiers from many other countries (Military). The actions and events taking place in Iraq are viewed as unreasonable and unnecessary by the average citizen around the world. The time of action was inappropriate, the image projected towards children is negative, and the U.S. has its own problems that should be dealt with first before trying to fix other countries' problems.

The first complaint many people have regarding the war with Iraq is the time of action against Iraq is very inappropriate and poorly planned. One reason the timing is so poor is because we are already at war against terrorism around the world. On 9-11, thousands of people lost their lives, and the U.S. was crippled for months. Afterwards Bush swore that he would find and punish the people responsible, but he never did.

Also, while this war is still going on, there is great unrest a short distance away from Iraq. In Korea, a civil dispute is once again taking place in which the U.S. has volunteered to assist in any way possible. The war in Iraq, the war on terrorism, and the problem in Korea, all add up to make three confrontations that the U.S. is involved in at the same time. This is the perfect recipe for disaster if there is a sudden shift in the war's progression. Another reason it is bad timing is the weather in Iraq is almost unbearable because of the extremely hot days and freezing cold nights. The sudden happening of sandstorms has also been causing many problems for our countries' soldiers. By invading in March, the U.S. only provided their soldiers with...