"Should drugs be legalized" (opinion essay)

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This article "should drugs be legalized", which is written by William Benett, argues about the legalization of drugs. According to the article drug should not be legalized because they have very harmful mental and physical affects on human beings. After reading this article I had a positive reaction towards it, thus I have the same opinion on the legalization of drug as this article.

Drugs have been the most critical problem in the U.S for many years. A majority of American population thinks that drugs should not be legalized, but on the other hand a very few quantity of people think that it should be legalized. I am among the majority of people who says that drug should not be legalized. I agree with the author that drugs are the root cause of crimes, like murders, robbery and different types of abuses. Drugs cause human brain to stop working; therefore, people who use drugs do insane things without caring about the rules and regulations.

So, legalization of drugs will not decline the crime rate, but only enhance the crime rate because when drugs will be legalized it will be easily available to everyone. In this way the users of drugs will increase, which will be dangerous for them who use drugs as well as the people who do not use drugs. For example, if drugs will be legalized, everyone will have access to it, so there will be more chance of car accidents and murders because drugs make human brain wild and insensible. Moreover, when drugs will be legalized more people will be using it, which can put a bad impact on children. The rate of drug abuse among teen will also escalate. For instance, if a person will use drugs in front of his children, the children will...