Short essay answers on Transcendentalism, Ben Franklin's Virtues, and Emmerson's influence.

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By Lee A. Zito

1.Transcendentalism is a movement associated with Emmerson and Fuller. It is a sort of philosophy that became a literary movement. This movement was the act of going beyong human knowledge. Taking everything we knew a step further, intellectually. Walt Whitman did this within his poetry, and because of this he was known as the "Good Grey Poet". He was able to transcendentally view something's real beauty.

2.Franklin stressed Temperance, Industry, Frugality, Sincerity, Justice, and Humility which he later added after being convinced by a Quaker friend. These "thirteen virtures" are very similar to the kinds of virtues Emmerson embodies. Emmerson wrote about sincerity, and humility, as well as most of these virtues Franklin presents. These virtues almost go hand in hand with Transendentalism.

3. Emmerson had a huge impact on writers such as Fuller, Whitman, and Dickenson, as well as many literary authors.

He influenced them to search deep within what they already know. He gave depth to literature, added more emotion where emotion is not usually thought to be found. Emmerson changed ideas about individualism and the artist's role in American society by becoming an enlightening teacher. His work and philosophy helped awaken personality, encourage individuality, and influence change on the opinion of artists. Artists were now respected and honored as deep intellectual people we could learn from.