Sexual harassment training and development awareness program

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1) Executive Summary :

It has come to the attention of the University that a sexual harassment complaint has been reported. In response, a sexual harassment training and development awareness program should be implemented for all students and faculty. This paper will provide an overview of the situation, a brief discussion of the topic of sexual harassment, as well as a discussion on employee training in general. Following this, this paper will present a systems approach to this needed training including: needs assessment, training development, establishment of training goals, and evaluation of these training goals.

2) Introduction :

It has come to the attention of the university that a student has alleged sexual harassment at the university. These charges were publicized in the local newspaper, and understandably the Vice Chancellor is quite upset. Given the circumstances, it has now become clear that there is a strong need for sexual harassment training and development awareness at the university.

This training must be implemented at all levels, including students and faculty.

It is important for the university to take immediate and decisive action on this report of sexual harassment. This is a serious complaint, and should not be tolerated in the least. In the end, the university needs to implement this training in order to do what is best for the faculty, what is best for the students, and what is best for the University itself.

3) Training Programs Overview :

Typically, when a candidate is brought onboard, they have the skills, both quantitative and qualitative, necessary to perform the needed functions of their position, and assist the organization towards their goals. However, in some cases, additional training may be necessary. (Nankervis,pp.320 to323) In the instance of sexual harassment awareness, this is a skill set rarely taught other than the workplace,