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Sexuality education was quite taboo when I was growing up. I recall when my mother gave me a book on sexual education and then without my knowledge the book mysteriously disappeared from my bedroom and hidden in her closet. I found it months later while I was rummaging through her closet for clothes. I asked her why she had taken the book away and she quickly changed the subject. Unfortunately, it was too late for her to discuss human sexuality with me because I was 8 months pregnant by the time she or I realized that I was. I became owner again of the book after I had my first child but my mother still took the book away by the time my child was 3 months old. If I had been taught sexual education at an early age I believe that I would have been more careful knowing the consequences.

But I was unaware of preventative measures that I could have done to prevent unwanted pregnancies. I became pregnant again 3 years to the date with my second child.

In today's society sexual education is a must. I have four children of my own now, of which, my 20 year old has a son. So I am a grandmother, too. I have been very open with my children since they were eight regarding sexual education. Everything has changed drastically since I was a child/preteen/teen I want my children to know everything possible and to keep an open communication line between us. I am more open with my children because I did have no knowledge when I was child, but also because I did not want to become a grandmother in my 20's. I wanted my children to enjoy their childhood without the added responsibility of a child.

Sexual education is knowledge that every child should have at an early age before it is too late. There are children experimenting as young as six years old because they see their parents doing it so they want to "act out" the roles of the parents. If these "acting out" incidents keep occurring until stages when their bodies have developed to produce hormones for a child to become "real", these children will be left with the horror of raising a child as a child. Many parents are afraid or do not know how to communicate with their children for fear that they are aiding their child to become grown up too fast, but it is better to be safe than sorry later. Every parent has their idea that their children will still be virgins until they are married but in today's society where sex sells, that will not happen. Children should be made aware so that if they are going to be sexually active, safety precautions for unwanted pregnancies and STD's can be prevented. I do not feel that it promotes, I believe it educates the child with the consequences of their actions.