SAS Institute 1. What do I think are the key values of the firm? 2. How do SAS's values and goals motivate employees?

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SAS Corporation (SAS stands for Statistical Analytical Software) is the world's leader in business analytics software, delivering breakthrough technology needed to transform the way a business does business. To accomplish this enviable position, SAS established a set of key values and goals that has clearly define the direction the company wants to go. This has catapulted them from the company's humble begging 28 years ago with only seven employees, to a massive corporation with 200 offices in more than 50 countries and nearly 10 thousand employees.

SAS Corporation's key values are Employees Welfare, Empowerment and Loyalty. The corporation's operational goal statement is to deliver superior software and services that give people the power to make the right decisions. These values and the corporation's goal have motivated their employees to an excellent performance throughout the years and have maintained an extremely low employee turnover rate, constantly below the industries average. I intend to prove this by detailing the actions that SAS has taken that demonstrate these values, defining the corporations goal and how these actions motivates their employees.

I will also explain how SAS actions create motivation among their workforce by comparing these actions with the employment satisfaction model and the theories of motivation.

Employee's Welfare

Since the creation of the corporation in 1976, SAS Corporation has always been an employee oriented company. They established a profit sharing plan and discretionary bonuses for employees. Established flexible work schedule and 35-hour workweek and lastly initiated employees-friendly perks - including Fridays breakfast goodies, Wednesdays M&Ms, fresh fruits on Mondays, break rooms stocked with complimentary drinks and snacks, winter company wide party, family spring picnic, family Halloween party and numerous family activities throughout the year. Keep in mind that this is in 1976 after the Vietnam era when the economy was struggling; this small...