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Respect means to regard someone highly or lovingly. People like to be respected because it makes them feel appreciated or wiser then the other person usually younger. Respect has been part of the backbone of civilization especially Asian cultures. Parents usually get respect through love and care. However, at school it's usually through who is the stronger and better fighter. In history only the rich, merciful, military strength and the ones that keep their words gained respect. Chinggis Khan showed that he is able to keep his word by showing mercy to those who surrendered and cut the heads off the ones that decided to fight him. Chinggis Khan got respect through fear of his enemies and his way of keeping his word.

However, in America there is no respect to parents from kids because kids are treated like kings. So as time goes on respect has come to mean less in America. While in Asia its is still a big part of life and history. Also children respect their parents because they know their parents beat them for a good reason each time. Americans have become spoiled if anyone touches a kid's hair he/her can be sewed a million ways.

Respect has been a companion of mankind since the beginning. Shamans were respected because they could communicate with things beyond this world so they were known to be incredibly wise. However, our old friend starts to fade away as there is less respect in the world. Parents have less power now organizations such as Child Abuse and Counter Abuse. This has actually started recently since the Clinton Administration. I believe respect is something every child should show to its family and friends. People deserve respect only if they respect you back. Respect is fading away...