Research the suitability for Advertising Ocean View Property (Spansih Investment Property) in COUNTRY LIVING magazine

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When Your Heart Is In The Country


This report aims to research and assess Country Living magazines suitability for the advertisement of Investment Property in Spain.

The company in question is Ocean View properties, the company was set up in April 2001 and are a private limited company.

The company specialise in securing exclusive "off plan" developments for it's clients.

Their specialist team not only manage the properties from architects plans to completion, but will also offer a full rental and management programme for the properties once completed through their associate company OVP Travel.

They are looking for new ways in which to advertise, they have a website, online advertisements, and newspaper campaigns. But are looking at the possibilities of magazines such as Country Living.

This report aims to provide the reader with basic information such as readership, editorial style, advertising offers, and some suggestions as to the suitability of advertising Ocean View Property services.

This report will be accompanied by a concept board which will act as a visual aid, the concept board will show past advertising from the magazine itself.

Country Living Magazine

Who Reads It, and Who Advertise their Products in it?

Country Living Magazine is a Glossy, monthly lifestyle magazine devoted to all aspects of rural living. It's pages are crammed with editorial pieces such as the latest seasonal flower arrangements, advice on the perfect cake, and everything you need to know about orchards. Country Living articles are written in a friendly, grown-up style.

At the same time as being very traditional Country Living has a really modern touch. There are pages of beautifully photographed landscapes, and country cottages. Then in contrast there are articles on contemporary cooking, and pictures of wonderful modern architecture. But Country Living manages to make these elements complement each other.