Is religion still relevant in modern society today? Subject: General Paper

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Religion is the belief in God and the activities that are done in order to be closer to the Creator. Majority of the world population holds a religion yet the increasing number of free-thinkers have sprout the questioned of the relevance of religion. The practice and the belief in God seem to have clashed with the era of rationality where facts and evidence is needed in order to prove a point. With that, the importance once placed piously on religion seemed to have lost its vigor. However, the position in which religion currently stand does not entirely change the fact that it is still unduly important to individuals all across the globe to have something to believe in and to hope for (concept of Heaven and Hell).

Science is one of the pertinent factors that had caused the shift in the importance of religion yet for some it has only strengthen the belief that God is the all knowing and the almighty.

The nature of a scientist often questioned the things surrounding him. The process of which the things came to be and how it is what it is. From researches and scientific breakthroughs, based on the nature of scientists that is, the world have improved the lifestyles and even life span of its population. Long ago what was just known as the work of God, now have a new meaning base more on facts that just mere 'superstition'. An example would be 'The big bang theory' whereby scientists explained how the planet Earth came about. Another example would be the discovery of cloning. These scientific breakthroughs have given the world evidence that everything has a logical explanation. However, scientists have yet to explain who or what caused 'The big bang' or how was the universe...