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1. What are 12 benefits of being a fit person socially, mentally and physically?

Social - make new friends, different friends, team work, better person to relate to, social skills, get out more, social enjoyment, keeping up with friends, good social support, keeping up social activities, contact with friends and relatives, attending social events,

Mental - improves sleep, confidence, discipline, happier mood, less stress, higher self-esteem, motivated, more concentration, alert, rest easily, reduces anger, positive self-image,

Physical - high energy level, increase metabolism, cope with everyday activities, improve skills, physical appearance, lower heart rate, muscle-toned, strengthens bones, heart health, more fit, achieves energy balance, less disease/illness

2. FITT principle

Frequency - the number of times you do something

Intensity - how hard you do it

Time - how long you do it

Type - type of exercise

3. Define the health components of fitness.

Cardio respiratory endurance - ability to exercise for long periods of time without tiring

Muscular strength - amount of force we can produce in one movement

Muscular endurance - ability of a muscle or a group of muscle to repeat the same movement over a long period of time

Flexibility - range of movement of our main joints, or how far we can stretch

Body composition - your body type and structure

4. Define the skill related components of fitness.

Speed - ability of the body to move as quickly as possible in one direction e.g. athletics (sprint), basketball

Power - ability to produce an explosive single movement. Combo of strength speed e.g. tennis

Agility - to change different directions quickly e.g. football - to be able to dodge opponents

Coordination - connection of the senses to produce efficient physical movement

Balance - ability to maintain equilibrium in stationary or moving positions

Reaction time -...