Reform is seldom brought about by people who are concerned with their own reputation and social standing

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The wheel of the history is running forward all the time, drived from the significant reform galvanized by those reformers willing to be viewed with disdain by the rest of the world and seldom brought about by people concerned with their own reputation and social standing.

As the concept of the term - REFORM - is concerned, any reform would inevitably destructure the existing form of a government, an education system, or any other institution and so forth which are accepted by the public globally. When the reformers commence to change the established structure with the influence to degrade the reputation or shift the situation of some levels in the society, resistences, opposers, obstacles and even threat to death would come into being against the reformers. Thus comes the disdain and criticism to the reformers. In order to be a real reformers, persons who initiate the movement of reform would have to keep in minds of confront with such obstacles from several levels of the society whether such kind of disdain for them is justice or not because people have the trend of keeping convention as the case that one must feel uncomfortable when he/she begins to use the left hand while he/she is a right-handed person.

Even in some cases that reforms for the majority of the society also could be accepted and understand by the society immediate, say nothing of the reputation and social standing for the reformers. When we retrospect our history, we can easily get many cases that reputation and social standing are only awarded to the earlier reformers from the descendents not from the contemporary. Bruno was condemned and killed only because he discover the truth to people for believing in Copernican theory that the earth revolves around the sun, which offended the predomination...