Reality Conflict

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"This can't be it, it just can't" I said to myself as I walked down the barren streets. I was unwilling to accept this reality; there must be something more. I had created my own reality, altering my perceptions and view on reality until I came up with a world I liked. It worked for a while, I was the star in a movie and everyone around me was an actor, each playing a separate part in my little production.

I peered into the passing houses, amazed at their willingness to play the game. Mindless bodies huddled around the welcoming, warm glow of the television. In a sense, T.V is nothing short of a drug; something millions tune into each night to escape the brutish realities of their lives. The ultimate opiate for the masses. I was walking towards the beach, for a reason I did not know. It just seemed right, and I'm not one to question my impulses.

The warm sea breeze felt good on my cold skin. I could taste the moist salty air and it tasted great. The smell of nature, something not tainted by man.

I arrived at the ocean, finding it deserted. Nature has nothing to compete with when everything you need comes from a box of lights in your living room. I walked down the beach and through a mirage of trees until I came to our beach. The beach my pals and I discovered that summer. Our own beach, free from the outside world. I climbed up the meditation tower we had built a few months earlier. Each week one of us would take a turn and sit up there for hours, just watching the waves crash. Filling our bodies with the drug meditation produces called happiness. I reached the end of...