Race, Gender and Ethnicity Problems in Education

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Education has faced race, gender and ethnic problems for many years. This continuous problem in all most likelihood will not be solved. Educational issues involving race, gender, and ethnicity of all schools will always cause controversy in society as long as there is prejudice and hatred.

Education should not look at ones race. We are who we are because that is the way that God intended us to be. Many blacks are prejudice and have hatred in their hearts for things that happen in the past that this generation has no control over. I believe that we all are equal and should be treated equal in every aspect. Every race has a right to the best educational opportunity available.

Admittance in to a University should not be based on race; it should be based on the highest academic grade averages. Blacks, whites, Hispanics, and any other race should have the same opportunities.

In my opinion if some, one of a certain race should not take priority over academic standings.

However, on the other hand many black are very lazy and want to sit back and wait for the white society to give them every thing on a silver platter. Please do not take this comment in the wrong way, I am not a prejudice person, several of my best friends are black. In my opinion, this is why there is such a social and economical break down in the black society. Blacks have the same social and economical opportunities as whites or any other race or gender; it is just a matter of wanting to take advantage of opportunities and being willing to help their self.

I totally disagree with the fact that students that come from an inner city school get the worse education. My children go...