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What is the purpose of a team? Why do people form a team to do certain

projects? Statistical records have given us the answer. It is because

working in a team can produce better results than what one person can do

his or her own. We can see examples of this everywhere, from constructions

of great monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge, to

the great astronomical achievement of landing on the moon. None of these

could have been done by a single person. It took a team to do it. Even on a

smaller scale, forming a team can be very rewarding. We can see this in

school with people forming study groups. In a team, all members must

fulfill their roles and responsibility in order to successfully achieve

their common goal. They should utilize accommodation as primary decision

making strategy and managing our time with "team first" concept on our

minds. Although our peak and valley performance and times are different,

but we prioritize and set realistic time limits, so that we are assertive

in completing all our assignments on time. Communication is the key to

creating a high-performance team, without good communication team conflicts

might occur. When conflicts occurs in our team, we resolve it in a

collaborative way, in trying to achieve a win-win solution where the team

does not suffer and able to function as normal. As we combine all of our

effort we will achieve our goal and become a high-performance team.

We are a team and teams have work to do and goals to accomplish. Each team

is different in its roles, responsibilities, time management skills,

decision-making strategies and conflict resolution styles. However in our

team, we work through our individuals and depend on each other for support,