Proving Romeo and Juliet is not a tragedy.

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If somebody were to see someone fall off of a cliff they would believe that it was a tragedy. While on the other hand some people may believe that it was fate. They are both correct answers. Fate plays a major role in a tragedy and/or comedy and sometimes it can even control the outcome. Yet fate creates more fun and excitement towards literature and it keeps the reader more attentive. Shakespeare has written many plays including comedies and tragedies. His tragedies seem to be among his more famous plays and they usually end in sorrow. However, most of Shakespeare's plays are different; they capture an essence of what tragedies really are. Still, many individuals argue if all of Shakespeare's tragedies contain the true characteristics and essence of a tragedy, or if they are actually controlled by fate. A more commonly argued play is Romeo and Juliet. In this play, Romeo and Juliet are victims of fate and they cannot be labeled tragic heroes.

Shakespeare demonstrates this through the protagonists' lack of tragic flaws, the absence of them having the highest status in society and due to the lack of hubristic character portrayed by them.

Shakespeare's characters lack much hubristic character. To have hubris one must have an abundance of arrogance and/or pride. This in turn blinds the hero from realizing the troubles they create. For instance Romeo has very little hubristic character. Romeo is not arrogant and he is aware of his surroundings. Romeo is not at all egotistical because he does not believe that he is more worthy of Juliet than anyone else and he lacks pride. In Act 3, Scene 1, Romeo slays Tybalt because Tybalt had slain Mercutio who was a dear friend to Romeo. When the Prince arrives at the scene Benvolio utters, "There...