Prisoners of War - Chapter 7

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"Hi ma..." I said softly stairing down at my feet. I tried to look at her but couldn't bring myself to look her in the eyes.

Mellisa just covered her mouth as a tear streamed down her cheeck. Finally she cleared her throat and spoke. "How...did you know I was here?"

I sighed and thought, how could I tell her it was my fault? How could I tell her that I ruined her life. "You're uh... friend told me." I choked out, still stairing at the floor.

"Oh..." she said softly.

I rubbed some sweat off of my forehead and looked up at her, she looked tired and miserable. "Are you ok?" She just shook her head. I sighed again and tried to get comfortable in the small chair they had me sitting in. "Listen I..."

"Don't do it Chris." She interrupted.

I swallowed hard. "Do what?"

"Don't try and make me feel's

not going to work." She wiped another tear from her eye. "I just don't see how this could have happened."

I sighed again, my eyes returning to the floor. How could I have done this to her, and how can I tell her that it was my fault. Finally I just shrugged, not looking up but hearing her sob softly. "I'm sorry..."

"They are saying the court date is in a couple of days, you'll come right?"

I nodded. "Of course."

"My lawyer said I have to have Anthony testify..."

I looked at her. "What...why?"

"Its a long story, and to be honest I don't really understand it either, I dont know how this could have happened. They are saying that they have witnesses against me and that I'm some sort of drug dealer." She wiped a tear from her cheek.

"Well don't worry... you're...