Prisoners of War - Chapter 6

Essay by spoonman419 August 2004

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The phone now began beeping off the hook but I didn't care, I let it lay there as I staired off into space, my mind flowing with thoughts. Reality seemed to stop, time stand still, I could see Mike's mouth moving, but no sound came from it.

All I could hear was the beeping, and all I could feel was nothing, and just as quickly as it came on, it was gone.

"CHRIS!" Mike was there... shaking me. I was looking up at the was spinning.

I slowly sat up. "What happened?" He sluggishly dropped to the floor leaning back against the cusion and laughing, taking out a ciggarette. "I thought you quit?" I rubbed my head, I seemed to be talking in echo's, had my apartment grown or had I shrunk?

"Well you collapsed, I thought you passed out or something, you had me ****in' worried!" He said lighting it.

"You don't know how paranoid I was... who the hell was that on the phone?"

I didn't hear him. I looked around at the smokey apartment... maybe I had smoked too much. I shook my head and sudenly felt dizzy, and layed back down. "Who was on the phone?" Broke through my haze and I wobbily stood up and sunk to my couch.

"They arrested my mother..." I managed to say. I couldn't even tell I said it, it felt as if I was just an onlooker, like I was watching myself on TV, or a dream...but I couldn't change the channel, or wake up.

Mike dropped the ciggarette and after a few seconds gasping stomped it out, "My god..." was the only thing I could decifer from the mumblings as he walked over and slumped down next to me. "What for?" He asked, turning to me.