Prisoners of War - Chapter 5

Essay by spoonman419 August 2004

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I sighed taking a pull off the pipe, coughing a little bit and sighed, passing it to Mike. John sat across from me with a frown on his face.

"So come on what happened?" Mike said offering it to John. John shook his head sitting back and Mike passed it back to me. I sprinkled some more weed on top and took another few hits. I couldn't enjoy the high though, I kept expecting the door to bust open and DEA agents to come in and arrest us.

"Well they told me not to leave the state, they let me go after they made the arrests, but said I could still be prosecuted if the guy didn't get prosecuted, and I might have to testify..."

"This is my fault." John said softly. "I should have never let you go to him, you had no idea what you were doing..."

"No its not your fault..." I said.

A few seconds of silence followed, Mike reloaded the pipe and took another hit, passing it back to me. I was already very high but I accepted, maybe if I smoked enough I would forget about all of this.

"But how did you know someone? All you knew was my guy..." John said.

"Well when I lived with my mom I always noticed our neighbor, wierd people always showing up, even saw them coming out with little baggies of powder...I figured it was my only shot."

"Well your lucky..." Mike said, "I think maybe we are taking it the wrong way, I think we should be happy your not going to jail." He said with a weak smile.


Mellisa wiped a tear off of her cheek as she looked around the small holding room. Thoughts flooded through her head, noone had explained...