Prisoners of War - Chapter 1

Essay by spoonman419 August 2004

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I sighed looking at my watch. "Where is he?" I moaned over to my friend Mike sitting on the couch.

"Who know's man, calm down." Mike said laughing. "He'll be here when he get's're too paranoid"

I just got up and looked out the window of my apartment down to the street. Wiping some sweat off of my brow I lit up a ciggarette. "He's ten minutes late."

"Calm down Chris, just sit down." Mike said. "You're starting to annoy me."

"Sorry." I said, and hearing the buzzer bolted across the small apartment and hit the button on the wall. "See, I knew it'd all work out."

Mike just began to laugh hysterically. "Man you're priceless."

A few seconds later there came a knock at the door and I opened it up, welcoming my friend John into the apartment. "Everything go ok?"

"Of course, why wouldn't it?" John smiled, waving a small plastic baggie in front of my face.

"Smell that ****" he said smiling.

Mike walked into the other room as I smiled, sweating nervously. I carefully and tenderly peeled the bag opened and took a deep breath in. "Smells good." I half said, half questioned.

Mike came back into the room with a cigar and a small trash can and sat back down on the couch. "Trust me bro, you'll learn to love that smell." he smiled as he broke open the cigar and emptied the tobacco into the trash can. "And maybe it'll help you quit those cancer sticks, this is the only place tobacco belongs." he said laughing.

I smiled sitting down on a chair across from Mike watching him work his magic in nervous anticipation. John came from the kitchen with a bottle of water and sat down next to Mike. "Don't worry."...